TODAY, the 12-year-old singer-songwriter, Cloe, from Tampa, Florida released her newest video for her cover of the Halsey song “Without Me.”

“‘Without Me’ is a song about losing yourself over others. That’s something that I related to – sacrificing and taking things too far. The visuals of this video were filmed in Miami, and they just instantly matched the song. When I watched it through, I felt as though the line “I’m the one who put you up there” was really visible throughout the video. I was wandering aimlessly, while the person being spoken about in the song is off somewhere living their life without me.” – Cloe

She also recently released the music video for her cover of “breathin” by Ariana Grande. With an ethereal, yet pure voice that displays wisdom beyond her years, Cloe is one to watch, with her soothing, melodic rendition of one of Ariana Grande’s most relatable songs.

Music Video Link: https://youtu.be/Wm5qPMDQWtU

“’breathin’ has stayed with me ever since I read through the lyrics. I immediately related to it, since it speaks about anxiety and other mental issues. The song really is sad and intense, so I had a feeling that we could bring all of that out in this cover. We ended up with a melancholic and almost fear-striking sound, which I fell in love with. Being able to take a song and twist it into something that sounds like myself is an insane experience, because we ended up with a completely different product than what we started with. I loved being able to let my darkness run wild, and have it flow into the song in a very powerful and unique way.” – Cloe

Emerging in 2019 as a true artist to watch in the dark/sad music space, Cloe is a force to be reckoned with. Armed with incredibly powerful songwriting skills, in addition to a voice beyond her years, Cloe crafts melancholic, yet fiercely relatable songs that touch the deepest parts of the human psyche. Championing the concept of accepting one’s mental health issues, pushing for equality, and embracing imperfection, she is light years beyond the typical young musician. Cloe will be releasing original music, and covers, over the span of the upcoming year that are guaranteed to comfort listeners through their varied emotions, to allow them to feel the intensity of their deepest thoughts, and to display that Cloe does not have the edge of a sword, but instead, like a rose with thorns.

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